Do you Know ?(Independence Day Special )

Here comes our 71st Independence day!!! We wish you all  "Happy Independence day" We keep liking and sharing " I love my India" posts on social media. But do we really realize how magnificent our nation is? Countless posts, WhatsApp full of wishes and we are still unknown to many of the facts that make [...]


Friendzoned & Brozoned: An open letter to all

Last week, there were two events that the social media trolls were full of. Remember? I can see boys nodding their heads first !! They would have either thanked God for not letting them be "friend-zoned" and "bro-zoned" or cried to the extremes for being done "wrong". Yes, I am talking about the "Raksha-Bandhan" and [...]

Who Pays The Debts? Victim Or Culprit

Like every story Begins, Once upon a time......... I remember when I was a kid and if any news related to rape or something related to sexual exploitation(Harassment) comes on our television set, my parents asked me to change the channel or skip that thing Immediately. I hope many of us do relate to this [...]

Women’s Cricket !!!Do we Really care?

Hey there!! Recently we have seen a dramatic change in youth towards women's cricket and the rise of Indian Women Cricket team too. Just a few months ago Indian Women's cricket team played their qualification matches for the women's World cup.They were never considered as favorites for this season. But the way they played was [...]